Your Next Favorite Author–Terry Segan!

Your Next Favorite Author—Terry Segan!

Terry Segan resides in Nevada. The beach is her happy place, but any opportunity to travel soothes her gypsy soul. The stories conjured by her imagination while riding backseat on her husband’s motorcycle can be found throughout the pages of her paranormal mysteries.

Terry Segan


Avis: Hi Terry and welcome! We look forward to learning more about you as an author and writer!

Terry: Thanks for having me on your blog, Avis. It’s always exciting for me when I get a chance to talk about my writing life.

Avis: Let’s get started! What was your hardest scene to write?

Terry: My hardest scenes to write in Precious Treasure were the journal entries of the Confederate soldier. Not being a history buff (my high school grades would attest to that), I still love books where an aspect from the past is tied to the present. That’s where the mystery comes in to connect the two. The story takes place in current times on Long Island, where I grew up. Tying in the Civil War and the soldier’s experience as he fought his way north, took a lot of research. I wanted the details to be as accurate as possible regarding the uniforms, weapons, food, and day-to-day life of the military during that time. Part of what I looked up were actual letters written home by the men in battle. It amazed me how eloquent their writing could be.

Avis: That is fascinating! You’ve done some amazing research which enhances the story so well! I loved how you wove the past and the present so seamlessly through your book. Now for our next questions: How many hours a day do you write?

Terry: Most weekdays I write about four or five hours a day. Of course, there are days when I have those ‘ooh shiny’ moments or ‘squirrel,’ and then the hours get reduced. I don’t like being locked into a specific word count or schedule, so if the weather is beautiful and calling to me, I listen. On weekends my husband and I try to get out on the motorcycle and enjoy the outdoors. It’s hard to shut down my brain when I’m working on a story, so even when I’m not in front of a keyboard, I’m working out scenes or plot lines in my head.

Avis: Distractions are a writer’s bane, but all work and no play would make our writing very dull, and your writing is anything but dull, so good job! Our next question: Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

Terry: I’d have to say my books are a mix of standalones and works with connections. Precious Treasure is my second book and definitely a standalone. My first book, Photographs in Time, involves time travel, matchmaking and murder, and it was written to be a standalone. Fans who have read it, however, are asking for a sequel. That might happen. My next book will be the first in my new series called The Marni Legend Series and will have continuing characters. While each book in the series can be read by itself, there will be the occasional spoiler suggesting they be read in order.

Avis: I think I have some reading to do! Your first book sounds right up my ally! This is our final question: Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Terry: Writing energizes me because it’s something I love doing. Creating stories, which make readers laugh, cry, or check under the bed twice before turning off the light, gives me a thrill. When a reviewer states they didn’t see the plot twist coming or they laughed out loud, it inspires me to continue writing. How many other jobs are there where your sole purpose is making things up to entertain others? My imagination gets to run wild, which equally amazes and frightens my husband—goal achieved!

Avis: It sounds like your husband is a fan of your work! That’s amazing, and I agree. As a job, writing and creating stories that entertain and capture the imaginations of readers is awesome!

Thanks for being such a gracious guest! Following readers will find more information about Precious Treasure and links to Terry Segan’s social media sites as well as a review! So please read on!

Precious Treasure:  A paranormal mystery with a touch of romance

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Book Info:

Eight years ago, her husband disappeared. Does a hundred and fifty-year-old journal hold the answer as to why?

Janie Holcomb prays for closure once the courts declare her missing husband dead. Instead, she’s sent spiraling down a dangerous path.

When her lawyer delivers a package held in trust, she finds a cryptic warning along with a Civil War journal promising buried treasure. While seeking a connection between her spouse and the decades-old diary, Janie attracts the spirit of a Confederate soldier pleading for help.

Enlisting her brother’s assistance to chase down clues, they discover that not everyone they know should be trusted. Janie overlooks potential threats when the promise of new love stirs her emotions. Will her digging uncover the answers she craves or doom her to a similar fate?


            Precious Treasure by Terry Segan brings murder mystery to the edge of romance with a chilling twist and a paranormal guardian. When brother’s William and Benjamin enter the Civil War, they want only to right a wrong that stole their family wealth and security, but they almost fail.

            One hundred and fifty years later, the words of William Pelter Carver still influence and drive some people in the small community to search for the treasure, especially Janie Holgram’s husband who disappeared eight years earlier. Janie struggles to move on with her two young daughters and when she finally makes the move to declare Brian legally dead, she opens Pandora’s Box, so to speak, and our adventure begins. 

            Brian’s lawyer delivers a package to Janie with a diary and some paperwork on an old estate that has been on the market for years, the Brassel Field property. Her focus has always been on keeping her girls safe and cared for, while working at the business her husband had built with his best friend. 

            Janie opens the package and finds an old diary that she soon learns is from a deceased Civil War soldier from the Confederate Army found near the Brassel Field property and dressed in a Union Army uniform. As she reads this valuable relic, she realizes she is not alone and is startled to find an apparition standing before her dressed in a Confederate Army uniform pleading for her help.

            Undeterred but shaken to her core, Janie begins the search for answers and in the process finds romance with the handsome and caring John Cooper. Is she ready for romance, though, and who is this apparition and what does he want?

            Segan builds a world for this mystery that keeps us focused on Janie as she walks willingly into a world of danger and intrigue, a world that took her husband from her. With her brother Tom for support, Janie finds herself in trouble before she can devise an exit strategy. Readers will be sucked into the story and read into the wee hours to find out who this apparition is and what he wants from Janie. A fragile hero, Janie’s determination has us rooting for her as she follows the crumbs of clues she reads in the diary while falling into the arms of romance.

All she wants is answers, but Janie finds so much more in the compelling story of greed and high stakes speculation. This story will captive readers from beginning to end, and Segan’s deftly crafted conclusion will have mystery fans salivating for more.

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I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the foothills of the Cascades. I am a published author of fiction and poetry. My debut YA novel coming out soon. I also write picture books, and short stories. I teach English at a local college, and I love any activity in the great outdoors, especially if it includes my dog Zero!

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